OK Geometry download

Version 18.1.4 (Windows)

Released on 30.September 2020

What's new?

  • Introduction of the Advanced query operation of the observed properties. The Advanced query operation gives hints for the constructions of objects. It works only in Plus mode of OK Geometry. Currently, it is still experimental and has to be enabled with the Configure|General options|Observe command.
  • Some minor bugs were corrected.

Previous important versions

Version 18.1.2. (Windows)

Released on 30.June 2020

What's new?

  • Significantly Improved module for exporting constructions and the report of a project.
  • Updated and improved documentation. The translation to Czech is also updated - thanks to Irena Strausova!
  • An F1 button (call to Glossary) is added in Editor Menu (Plus mode). The Glossary (F1) now considers the construction commands as well as explanations.
  • Improved command for labelling points, conforming icons, copying icons.
  • Improved module for expressing numbers as radicals.
  • User can at any time choose between the exact ot perturbed mode of  displaying configurations.
  • The display of found properties can be restricted to those involving a specified objects. It is possible to set the level of restrictions.
  • New triangle centres and bicentric points added.

A more complete list is in OK Geometry delta file.
Note. OK Geometry requires no installation. Just unzip the unloaded zip file to some directory and run the program OkGeometry.exe

Version 17.2.2. (Windows)

Released on 05.January 2020

What's new?

Thanks to Ercole Suppa for many helpful suggestions in this and some previous versions.

  • Changed the appearance and the functionality of the blue dot that controls the two modes of representation (exact and perturbed mode).
  • The glossary and command index and the triangle index  now show information from documentation, including the path to the commands. Furthermore, the command can be called from the glossary.

  • Added several new triangle centres and other triangle objects.

  • Significantly improved Editor help system, both in commands glossary and in help widget. Also added a visual help for Shapes and Check commands

  • The form for remodelling objects is significantly improved.

A more complete list is in OK Geometry delta file.