Generic constructions

Construct a family of dynamic constructions. Study individually the constructions in a family and observe the whole family for constructions that meet specified properties.

OK Geometry v 18.1.7 introduces the concept of generic constructions (families of constructions). A generic construction contain dozens or even hundreds of constructionally 'isomorphic' dynamic constructions. Constructions in a family can be individually displayed and treated as ordinary constructions. Moreover, the whole family can be scanned to identify the constructions with specified properties.

Generic constructions allow you to:
  • simultaneously generate a large number of examples (dynamic constructions);
  • easily access to any example of a generic construction, examples can be observed, exported, etc., just like ordinary dynamic constructions;
  • automatically search examples of a generic construction in order to find examples with specified properties;
  • automatically create projects from examples of a generic construction;
  • automatically perform triangle analysis on all or part of examples of a generic construction;
  • automatically perform Formulae observation on all or part of examples of a generic construction.

The concept and the management of generic constructions has been significantly modified and inproovee in version 18.1.9 More about this feature can be faounf here and in the OK Geometry Plus Reference document..