Browse dynamic constructions of various formats

Visualise and analyse constructions made with GeoGebra, Cabri Geometre, Cinderella and other dynamic geometry software.

OK Geometry can be used for browsing through dynamic constructions files in different formats that one has made or has received from elsewhere.

The browsed files can be visualised and imported to OK Geometry as dynamic constructions.

Currently, OK Geometry supports the following formats:  Cabri Geometre (.fig), Cabri Geometre II (.fig), Cabri Express (.clmx), GeoGebra (.ggb), Cinderella (.cdy), Z.u.L. - Zirkel und Linien (.zir), JGEX (.txt), Sketchometry (.jc), OK Geometry (.p, .pro).

In order to browse dynamic constructions in various formats use the command File | Inspect files .